Donor Walls and More: How to Encourage People to Donate

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Running a charitable organization is hard work. It's especially hard when you're in charge of soliciting donations. These days, money is tight for most people and even if they want to give, it's hard to do so when they're struggling with bills and the rising costs everyday living. Mostly everyone is on a tight budget, with little wiggle room for anything extra, including charitable donations. So when it comes to non-profits and charities, donors need to be coaxed into giving, now more than ever. All in all, you can't force anyone to donate to your cause, but through a few of these suggestions, you can really encourage people to open their hearts and in turn, their wallets.

1) The first and most obvious step, is to structure your cause in a way that encourages people to donate. When your cause is something that people can feel more passionate about, you can really anticipate a lot more donations to flood in.

2) Put a face on your organization. Are you championing the rights of migrant workers? Are you attempting to wipe-out child abuse? Does your organization work to fund muscular dystrophy research? No matter what your organization seeks to do, there is someone out there who can really add a human interest angle to your campaign. Find someone willing to share their struggles and story with the world, and raise awareness to a cause that has so deeply affected their life. People will be more likely to donate when they can really get a visual of who they will be helping with their donations.

3) Honor your donors in a concrete way. If you have a headquarters, it is fantastic idea to establish some sort of Tree of Life display, or Donor walls. Donor walls and Tree of Life memorials provide donors with a physical manifestation of their generosity. They can see that they indeed made a difference, and it didn't go unnoticed. It shows them that they are appreciated. Donor walls also have the ability to solicit more donations from new people. When people see the good works of others, it's encouraging and people may want to make a contribution themselves.

4) In addition to being broke, many people are extremely busy. That means that if you really want to increase donations for your charitable organization, you should make it extremely easy for people to do so. If you don't have a website, and a way for people to donate via your website, you should absolutely get that up and running. It's a general consensus that if you're not online, your business basically doesn't exist. In addition to making it easier to donate, by being online, you're opening up to the whole world, and in turn increasing your source of potential donors.

Soliciting donations for a charity in today's economic climate is no small feat, but it can absolutely be done. Despite all of the financial calamity ensuing these days, there are still many generous individuals out there who are more than willing to open their hearts to the right cause.

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Donor Walls and More: How to Encourage People to Donate

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This article was published on 2010/09/15