Vehicle Donations Make Big Impact on Charities

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Vehicle donations are increasingly becoming a major part of how charitable organizations are able to raise funds for their work. While the activities of NGOs across the United States still focus on conventional fundraising approaches, like soliciting pledges for money and starting up income-generating projects, there are other groups that have managed to tap car donations successfully.

One key reason why donating a vehicle is able to help charities in a major way is simply by the sheer size of the income generated at any one time. Whereas several people donating across a period of three weeks can make a sizeable sum, a single car donation will be able to raise that much money, and possibly more, in one fell swoop.

The money raised in such a short span of time from vehicle donations can have an immediate impact on helping certain charities. Instead of waiting for days or weeks to raise a certain amount by cash donations, a car donation can bring any necessary funds quickly. The money can then be used to invest in the tools that are essential to doing their work right away. It can even be placed into other activities and assets that can generate even more money for the NGO firm.

The business of receiving and processing a car donation may be relatively quick, but it can be made even quicker with the right people helping it along. Several companies have made it their purpose to aid charities in soliciting car donations, as well as to help facilitate the auctions and purchases that generate the funding. On top of that, these companies will also sort out questions regarding tax exemptions for donors for their generous vehicle donations. is an online hub for vehicle donations. Assisting over 80 charities across the United States in fields and advocacies such as help for the elderly, care for US veterans and child education, the firm makes every donated vehicle count to the last dollar. For more information, call 877-411-DONATE or visit

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Vehicle Donations Make Big Impact on Charities

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This article was published on 2009/09/07
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