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A difficult one, P Plus support. Yushu people of disaster areas to support the earthquake relief, reconstruction, Shandong Weihai off all donations climax warm love constantly together. Reporters from the city of Weihai Charity Federation and Red Cross learned that, as of 10 am yesterday, City Charity Federation to receive donations 158.61478 million total; at 14:30 yesterday, Xu, Weihai City, the Red Cross to receive donations 57.12 total million.

Departments, units donations 4 21, led by the district working committee and management committee, organs and institutions, some of the cadres and workers Garrison units to work first thing is to Yushu earthquake donated money to show. As at 15:00 on the on the 22nd, by the district authorities and institutions, some of Garrison units and enterprises has contributed 37 million yuan.

21 day, Weihai military sub-district officers and men contribute to the disaster areas in Yushu, retired cadres retired cadres from the elderly to the young officers and soldiers, have generously. Day, Weihai subdistricts organs, their five groups and three cities Haiphong one region's armed forces departments, to raise funds for retired cadres were 8 million yuan.

City IRS launched a "love donation of emotional ties to Yushu" activities, as of now, the city has accumulated national tax cadres and workers contribute to the earthquake Yushu 19.5 million yuan. 21 pm, Weihai City Administration of Industry specialized organizations Yushu hit all the staff for the contributions, 98 cadres and workers contribute 20,200 yuan. 22 afternoon, the Organization of Ethnic and Religious Affairs for the Yushu earthquake national and religious donations, city five patriotic religious leader and the people were all party members and cadres with the bureau organization, contributions to 81,490 yuan for the Yushu.

Enterprises, communities of love flowing 21 day, Weihai Power Plant under the jurisdiction of the second Broadcom, Sony, co-source, common source of four heating donations Workers 3 million yuan, Weihai Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited staff donations of 7.8 million yuan. 22nd, Weihai Power Plant to carry out donation activities, together with corporate donors, the plant a total of 200,000 yuan contributions to disaster areas.

21 morning, Shandong Zhuoda group of cadres and workers of more than 350 man-made earthquake Yushu contributions more than 120,000 yuan. From April 20, the high-street District Office Yiyuan sent to the region's contributions to the initiative, all the cadres on-site donations 13,600 yuan, more than 20 community committees Hengtai Street, elderly cadres contributions 2,300. 22 am, complete donation ceremony held Baijiatuan community, before the founding of the old party members, two appointed staff, the owners and residents have individual contributions less than two hours donated 3 million yuan. Top Scenic

Xiangu donation 100 thousand yuan, traffic Drive School donations 10,690 yuan; Indonesia Chinese delegate Wu Weihai hometown people, shall be sent to City 20 000 Yuyuan Shan Red Cross ... ... love the warm stream exchange in the disaster areas to Yushu.

"Chery" donation 100 thousand yuan

Yesterday morning, Weihaiqirui Galaxy 4S shop Held "The feelings of Yushu, national brand love my nation," Disaster Relief donation activities, staff contributions with corporate donations, fund-raising total of 100,000 yuan. City Red Cross staff on site to receive donations, and said this is the car received Sell Industry, the largest donation.

Day 8:15 Xu, donations activities Chery 4S store at Weihai, Galaxy general manager Jianghai first to donations into the donation box. The company's managers, sales personnel and Service Staff have to contribute into donation box, just 10 minutes, nearly 20 thousand yuan donation. Contributions to the scene, Jianghai feeling that Chery Automobile as a national brand, has been playing the social responsibility, the 2008 earthquake occurred, the Chery Automobile Company has three times the Galaxy Weihai donation 220 thousand yuan. After the earthquake, the Yushu, employees voluntarily contributions, the company decided to contribute with the employees, raising 100,000 yuan donation for the reconstruction can do something.

Jianghai that year in Tibet, when his military vehicle when the Tibetan people and built up a strong local feelings, since 1999, he has been a long-term funding Tibetan students to school, receiving his first child is now funded by university graduates to work .

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Weihaiqirui Car 4s Stores, Yushu Contributions 100 000

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This article was published on 2010/09/26